Children’s Ministry


The Calvary Chapel Children’s Ministry

 “…Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me,

and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 19:14

Children’s Church

We are honored to provide ChildreChildrensn’s Church up to Grade six (6) for your family in an open and caring atmosphere. The children are welcome to worship with the adults in the Sanctuary.

·         All of our teachers are there to serve you, the parent, in meeting the opportunity to support what you are already teaching your child.

·         All the teachers are there to reinforce a personal knowledge of Jesus, His Redemptive invitation and the power of the Holy Spirit in the daily lives of your children.

·         The teacher’s mission is not one of keeping the child busy while you are in the service, on the contrary, the teacher is there to instill a lifelong understanding.20141116_115815[1]

·         Also, the biblical teaching is designed in a way to help children understand the Gospel and hide God’s Word in their hearts.


The Nursery

nurseryThe Nursery is where we can rock your child to sleep, play with them, sing with them and read to them all while Christian Children’s music is playing in the background. We keep a supply of water, Goldfish crackers, bubbles, diapers and wipes on hand if needed. There is also a private nook for mom to nurse her baby.  For your convenience there are changing tables available in the Nursery, Men’s room and Ladies room.