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Outfitters School of Ministry offers classes to help you discover the gifts and calling that the Lord has for you. How special to know that God Himself has a unique place in life specifically suited for you!

The Bible says that when Jesus ascended into heaven, He gave gifts to us. Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4 list some of these rewards. God desires that you cultivate your gift for His work, and He wants pastors to outfit His people for this adventure. 

Together we will begin

a journey through the

Scriptures with the

purpose of training you and

discovering what the Lord has for you.

Contact us to find a class near you.

Let's see what the Holy Spirit has for you!



Is it not true, that oftenetimes our brothers and sisters in Christ never find the sweet special calling that God has given them? Life becomes dull and lackluster. In extreme instances some will dabble in sin, for they have not found God's special plan and purpose which fulfills. It is for this reason that we are excited to offer you a series of meetings where you can research, test, develop and deploy the gifts and calling that Jesus has given you.

Everyone is welcome - whether you simply want to learn how to share your faith with your family, or wonder what it would be like to go across the world on a mission. The School of Ministry is not only for Pastoral students - it is for all of us - the only requirement is a desire for adventure!

Outfitters classes are casual sessions where questions and discussion are encouraged. We offer separate classes for teens and for adults. The framework is practical training in different areas of ministry, supported by personalized counsel in how a person can discover and follow their calling. The teaching is based on Scripture, and we draw on historical resources to understand our place in society today.

Student references are available on request. Contact us to learn more!


Would you like to host Outfitters School of Ministry classes at your church? The class normally consists of 20-30 weekly sessions, and can be tailored to your church's specific needs.

Alongside your own teaching, Outfitters classes will further empower your members with knowledge and understanding, encourage them to service and leadership within your church and your local community, open avenues of global ministry, and strengthen faith through the study of God's Word.

lncluded discussions will explore evidences to find one's gift and calling, confirmation and validation. Topics include personal evangelism, teaching the Word, public speaking, hospital and prison visitations, and missions. We explore the ingredients that make a servant leader, and work with those interested in the call of pastoring.

The curriculum includes required reading and ministry experience. There are additional requirements for Pastoral students including a required 6-month internship following the course.

Contact us to discuss the neds of your church and see a sample session handout.


  • Evidence from Scripture that indicate God's calling upon one's life

  • Taking valid risks

  • Qualities of servant leaders

  • Public speaking: getting over fears

  • Civility and chivalry in private and public

  • How to share Jesus: practical evangelism

  • Sunday and midweek" 35+ morning and evening ministry opportunities

  • Building the message / sermon / teaching

  • The 2-minute Student Sermon

  • Finding your way around Israel and the Ancient Near East

  • Christian education and Sunday School

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Missions

  • Premarital guidance and preparation

  • The wedding service

  • Men's and women's ministries

  • Baptism

  • The Baby Dedication service

  • Hospital visits

  • Ministering to the terminally ill

  • The funeral service

  • Ministering and giving God's cpmfort to yourself and others

  • Dealing with discouragement and depression

  • When it is time to quit or move on

  • Giving guidance from God's living word

  • The homeless ministry

  • Prison ministry

  • Worship music and praise to our Lord

  • Ceremonies and church activities

  • Church plantings

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